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Ecotainer Soup Cups/Food Containers

Ecotainer Soup Cups/Food Containers

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1,000 per case

Ecotainer line of foodservice packaging provides a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional disposables. While traditional paper containers are lined with a petroleum-based plastic, Ecotainer uses a corn-based lining. Therefore, the Ecotainer line of packaging is fully renewable, fully compostable and leaves a smaller environmental footprint. And it does so while providing all the functionality of traditional disposable packaging. Don't just take our word for it, the Specialty Coffee Association of America recognized Ecotainer with its 2007 Sustainability Award. Your customer won't be able to tell a difference, but the environment will! Also, the paper comes from trees that were harvested sustainably and the cups are Elemental chlorine-free. These cups are affordable, durable and petroleum free.

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